My creative journey started in graphic design in the early 2000's, using the Adobe suite to craft composite images and typographic-driven pieces for print.

As Web 2.0 gained traction and front end editors came into being, I started to design for digital. I loved the way I could see my designs instantly implemented and how static visuals now became journeys.

Digital design took another leap when Apple introduced the iPhone and invited developers to release their own apps on the AppStore. I rose to the new challenge of designing within even greater constraints. One of my first app projects was for Premier League, translating their popular Fantasy game into a mobile format. In the three seasons I delivered designs for Fantasy Premier League, the app made it to number one in the 'Paid App' charts each time.

I've grown alongside the rise of UX design, touching almost every discipline whilst working for high profile clients, agencies and startups. But the most rewarding part of my journey has been the people I've hired and mentored as well as the project teams I've lead.

And I still love to be hands on, keeping up with all the tools and design thinking practices.